Serbia thanked Putin and Gazprom Neft for 10 million euros for the temple

Serbian President Alexander Vucic thanked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and Gazprom Neft for allocating 10.5 million euros for the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade. This is reported in the telegram channel RIA_Kremlinpool.

The Serbian leader made this statement at the Cathedral, which is scheduled to open after finishing works are completed in the fall. It is known that the mentioned funds were used by Russian craftsmen together with Serbian ones to create the mosaic of the main dome.

“We expect that if everything goes well with the victory over the coronavirus, and we are on a good path, that the President of Russia will be here with us at the opening of the temple,” Vucic said. He called the Russians friends in his speech, also thanking them for other help.

The Church of Saint Sava was built on the site of the burning of the relics of the righteous by the Ottoman authorities in 1594. Construction began in 1894, and the walls were completed in 1935. The second world war prevented the completion of what was started, as a result, the dome was completed only in 1989, and the official opening of the incomplete temple occurred in 2004.