The brother who staged the terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester received 55 years for complicity

In Britain, the brother who staged the terrorist attack in 2017 at a concert in Manchester, Salman Abedi HaShem, was convicted for helping prepare for the explosion for a minimum of 55 years. This is reported by BBC News.

It is noted that the court found HaShem guilty of the death of 22 people in the same degree as his brother, for providing assistance. The judge noted that the convicted person will spend at least 55 years in prison before the option of parole can be applied, adding that the offender “may never get out.” Under British law, HaShem Abedi could not be given a life sentence because He was less than 21 years old at the time of the crime.

The terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert took place on may 22, 2017 in Manchester. The victims were 22 people, and another 120 were injured. The Islamic state group (is, banned in Russia) claimed responsibility for the attack. For a year, the singer did not communicate with journalists and recovered from the tragedy. It is known that the terrorist Salman Abedi assembled the bomb according to instructions found in a YouTube video. The investigation also revealed that the criminal was under the influence of a radical group operating in the city. In addition, a few hours before the attack, Abedi called Libya.