France to continue military operation in rebel Mali

France will continue its military operation “Barkhan” on the territory of Mali, despite the fact that the rebel military captured the country’s top officials. This was announced by French defense Minister Florence PARLY on Twitter.

PARLY stressed that the operation against Islamist paramilitary groups operating in the North of the country was requested by the Malians themselves and authorized by the UN Security Council.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel macron commented on what is happening in the former French colony. He stressed that the coup threatens the fight against terrorists throughout the region, and called on Malians to restore constitutional order.

On August 19, it was reported that the leaders of the rebel military promised to restore stability and start preparing for elections in a “reasonable time”.

The attempted coup in the former French colony became known on August 18. At least five people were killed in clashes between the rebels and their opponents. The local opposition accuses the country’s authorities of corruption and inability to ensure the safety of citizens. She was arrested of President Ibrahim Keita and other senior government officials. After that, the country’s leader announced his resignation.

Since June, mass protests against the current government have continued in Mali. At least 14 people were killed in clashes with authorities during the protests, according to the UN.